The man liberation

«You can’t be pregnant, you’re a man and you’re old»

I woke up this morning and felt nauseous
I said; “my god, what could it be?”
During the day the sickness went by
It was awful, why would this happen to me?

The next day I woke up and felt the same
This is not good, and think of my age
I got suspicious and went to the pharma
Got me a pregnancy test in a furious rage

When I got home I told my beautiful wife
She laughed out loud and called me a fake
Never mind I thought and took a standing pee
I told myself; «Aim at the stick for heaven sake»

The stick got wet, as did the toilet seat
But I didn’t care, there was tension in the air
The stick should be shaken for a minute it said
So I wandered around with my hands in the hair

The seconds went by and my frustration grew
What would it say, was I a pregnant man?
If that is true, well so be it
And I will be the father of a whole new clan

I cautiously looked at the stick in excitement
And, my dearest god, it really was true
The result was positive and I went red
For now I would be a mother too

Then I went to the doctor’s office to tell the news
it was a woman and she laughed but then looked cold
“Why I said, what’s wrong with you?”
“You can’t be pregnant, you’re a man and you’re old”

“Well I’m not that fucking old” I told her nice,
“and woman’s liberation is my fight as well»
«I want us all to be equal, so this is now our right»
«I am a man and my missing ‘wo’ is not a spell”

From that day on we all were equal
Men and woman, white and black
Were you a mother or father, no one could tell
A pregnant man, with no way back



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