Flowers and blue sky

I can see it not far from here
The flowers and blue sky
It’s so close i can almost touch
There is no smell but i still try

I can see the sunstrip on a leaf
Colouring the leaflet green
I’m almost there yet far away
I remember where I’ve been

I fly towards the light of sun
An attraction like obsessive flirt
Then my head feels sudden pain
An obstacle makes it hurt

I try again another place
With same result I try once more
I see the paradise I cannot reach
again I try then I hit the floor

When I get up I try to walk
No smell but light’s not far away
I walk towards the warmth of colours
But it feels like I’m stuck in clay

Now I’m getting real frustrated
something big keeps stopping me
Why ain’t I getting closer
Is there a hurdle I can’t see?

The hurdle is there allright
And paradise is right in front of me
Be patient and wait some time
The window will open and I’ll be free

– JE-18


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