Get well

You wonder what it is
what raves through your body
like you never felt before
Pain and dissieness
hitting you like
the slamming of doors
Fever like torches
burning your skin
Energy fading away
like after a long stride
And the worst
uncertainty of the unknown

And there is spring outside
where you should run
In the wakening of nature
Lie in the sun
Listening to the birds
Whith your eyes shut
And your mind wandering
Yet here you lie in bed

I tell you the spring will come
You will burst of energy
run among flowers
and the singing birds
You will lie down
And consume the beauty around
With closed eyes

I sing for you now
and watch the birds
as they play in the sky
I will run in the forest
and lie down in the moss
listen to the sound of trees
as they wake up
and I will greet you
When you get well

-JE 20


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